MR230 Robot Case Packer

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MR230 Robot Case Packer

MR230 Dual-Axis Delta Robot is designed and produced by XingPack,  which is widely used in the process of sorting, case packing and transfering.  The robot is simple, quick and quiet.
When the robot is integerated in case packing solutions, the system is called MR230 Robot Case Packer.

※ ISO gripper connector is easy to apply complex gripper or sucker;
※ Modular structure for software and hardware, which is easy for assemble and commissioning;

※ The products size is easy to change, which is applied to various package;
※ The system is driven by servo motors and integrated absolute value encoders,  which ensures the accuracy and stability;
※ The maximum speed is 25 picks/min;

※ The PLC system is Beckhoff Germany, connecting to the servo motors by EtherCAT communications,  the system is simple, safe and reliable.