Bag Packer for brick-shaped rice

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Bag Packer for brick-shaped rice

The machine is originally designed for rice packing, it is also suitable to pack similar-shaped products.

With the development of market, shopped rice will be first packed by a vacuum brick-shaped bag and then packed with an outer package with a handle.

The MRZ-15 Bag Packer is used to pack the brick-shaped packages into hand-held bags.

Main Specifications:

· Model: MRZ-15 Bag Packer

· General Power Supply:  380-440V  50/60Hz  4.0 KW;

· Entrance Conveyor Height: 800±50mm;

· Exit Conveyor Height:  800±50mm;

· Typical Products to be packed: 2.5Kgs or 5Kgs brick-shaped rice packs;

· Machine Weight: About 1000Kgs;

· Machine Dimensions: L2100mm*W1600mm*H1970mm

· Packing Speed: 10-16 bags/minute;

Main Components:

· Touch Panel: Siemens/Schneider

· PLC: Siemens/Schneider

· Motor: SEW/CPG

· Frequency Inverter: Mitsubishi/Omron

· Photoelectric Switch: Sick/Omron/Baumer

· Sensors: Sick/Omron/Baumer

· Pneumatic: AirTac

· Relay: IDEC, Schneider

· Solenoid: SMC/FESTO

· Low Voltage: Schneider

The seller may change the components without notice.