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Box Taping Machine (Semi-automatic)


This carton taping machine is cost effective, it is usually seperated from production flow lines.
The carton taping machine adopts instant adhesive tape for carton sealing, it is economical, fast and can be adjusted easily.
The left and right transportation can finish both top and bottom sealing at one time. Printing tape can greatly improve product image.
The left and right driving system ensures transportation of heavy cartons. The carton taping unit of up sealing and bottom sealing are the same. The side belts tension and adhesive tape tension are easy to adjust. This machine applies to both soft and hard cartons.

Model: FX-5050
Power Supply: 220V  50/60Hz   1Ph
Speed: 18 meter per minute
Tape Width: one of 48mm/60mm/72mm
Suitable Cartons: L150-mm * W150-500mm * H150-500mm
Dimensions: L1020*W900*H1350mm

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